VIDEO: Rioter Throws Molotov, Accidentally Sets HIMSELF on Fire


Many images from last night’s rounds of rioting have circulated social media. Brutal beatings, wanton destruction, arson, and even bloopers aplenty floated around the internet; but a rioter reportedly in Fayetteville, North Carolina, takes the cake when he set himself on fire for attempting to throw a Molotov cocktail at a building.

The man is seen picking up the makeshift bomb with a protruding flaming rag. As he threw the Molotov, a streak of flaming accelerant is accidentally doused over his back and shoulders.

Immediately after the man caught fire, he ran down the stairs in horror to search for a means by which he could extinguish the flames.

Other protesters rush to his aid in order to pat down the blazing man before the camera is cut off.

By request the Rioter that set himself on fire with a molotov cocktail in Fayetteville NC

Posted by The Hispanic Conservative on Sunday, May 31, 2020

The blooper was quite amusing to commenters who made fun of the rioter’s misfortune.

“Sucks to sucks, but I am 100% sure he wouldn’t have caught on fire if he wasn’t rioting and destroying that property. “Staying home’ would have worked out better for him,” wrote one person.

“Everyone is just watching him commit arson, but rush to his aid when he catches himself on fire. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes,” wrote another.

A third joked: “Don’t f*** with these old haunted buildings…”

The anonymous Fayetteville rioter’s blooper may have amused some pockets of social media, but there were other rioter errors caught on camera.

In a video, reportedly from Chicago, a looter attempts to pull down a shop window. Sadly for him, the window breaks unexpectedly as a block, falling on his head.

The injured looter has to take shelter next to a bus stop to lick his wounds, missing out on the action, as fellow looters pour into the store.

On an International Women’s Day rally in Mexico, a feminist protester attempts to throw a Molotov at police, but ends up setting herself on fire instead, adding to 2020’s fiery mishaps.