VIDEO: Roger Stone, Under Gag Order, Enters Court for Day Two of Battle


Wednesday, Roger Stone, a 40-year American Conservative political icon entered the courtroom where he faces the full weight of the Federal Government against him, for allegedly lying to Congress.

The charges come at a time Congress, itself, was lying on the floor of Congress, leaking misinformation and confidential information to their allied press associates, meant to discredit Stone’s associates and harm President Donald J. Trump, his family and all of their collective associates.

Stone faces a unified front made up of the Democrat National Party and their allies, the entire Intelligence Community, Robert Mueller the Special Prosecutor, the allied mainstream press, and now a highly political judge, U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson, an appointee of former President Barack Obama.

Washington DC, with all of their resources, has lied about a massive conspiracy involving Trump and Stone cheating with Russians to get Trump elected in 2016, in what is called the Russian Collusion Hoax. But the judge says Stone can not speak, he has been under a court-sanctioned gag order for months.

Stone’s behavior and actions are under constant threat and scrutiny, by the court, in all of his interactions with friends, family, in his business affairs and the press.

Judicial harassment is an extension of the highly unjust FBI raid on his home, where Stone and his family were harassed by a well-armed brigade of aggressive law-enforcement agents as he was arrested on Jan 25.  The footage of the raid was leaked to the media and mocked on social media by Democrats for months.

Considering the appetite to see Stone persecuted for Trump’s audacious 2016 election victory,  it makes sense that in this video from Wednesday, when Stone is approached by a reporter for Infowars, he shrinks back.

You can see Owen Shroyer say, “Roger Stone is an innocent man.”

Stone replies, “Please no political commentary on the courthouse grounds.”

And ends the interview.

At a time when former CIA Analyst points to John Brennan, the former head of the CIA for creating a secret task force to destroy Trump and sweeping up Stone, it appears the intel community is free to lie to us.

At a time when Congress, including the Chairman of the Intel Committee Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), has immunity to lie to from the floor of Congress and in the media, about the President of the United States, it appears that we are all at risk of harassment.

If Americans lie to Congress, it’s a felony, and if Congress lies to Americans, it’s just politics.

We should all care about what happens to Stone. It looks like the cards are stacked against him.