VIDEO: Rush Limbaugh Says Climate Change Hysteria Causes Suicide Among Gen Z


A new CDC report claiming an increase in youth suicide has increased debate on what interventions should be included in public policy to reduce risk, with Conservatives suggesting the consequences of alarming young people over the end of the world, with Climate Change Hoaxes, is part of the problem.

The report comes a time when ideas for lifesaving suicide prevention and ending youth depression range from ideas on the left, for increased transgender education in health class, mixed-gender bathrooms in public, and ending grading in school.

Ideas on the right to end depression for youth include returning trade education to public schools, increasing employment opportunities and ending discrimination against white males and gifted students.

Tuesday Rush Limbaugh played a clip from The View , on his show,  where guest Jane Fonda 81, a high profile activist known for aiding and encouraging the enemy in the Vietnam War, claimed that the world would end in 11 years.

“Climate activists have been doing this for 40 years. We’ve been writing articles and we’ve been giving speeches. We’ve been putting the facts out to the American public and politicians and we’ve marched and we’ve rallied peacefully and the fossil fuel industry is doing more and more and more to harm us and our environment and our young people’s futures and so we have to up the ante,” she said on the show.

Recently Fonda has added wording hoping to cause panic in young people, saying America is running out of time.  Fonda says adults are stealing the future of the youth away from them, and she encourages people to demand intervention immediately.

“We only have 11 years left,” Fonda said.

Fonda calls her activism a “Fire Drill” and she plans to be arrested every Friday to protest the lack of Climate Change interventions she wants.

“We are in a crisis and we are running out of time to fix it,” Fonda said.

In the interview on the View, Fonda said, “We, American taxpayers, subsidize the fossil fuel industry that’s killing us to the tune of $16 billion every year.”

Limbaugh, a Conservative Radio host, introduced on his show the idea that young people were depressed and committing suicide because of the pressures of the left and the hopelessness in the end of the world scenario.

“This is why young people are committing suicide, these people are literally poisoning and destroying young people’s lives by creating fear that the planet can not support human life.  For 40 years they have been on this,” Limbaugh said.