VIDEO: ‘Russian’ Man Filmed Grappling With Bear – And Winning


A viral video on Twitter and Facebook showing a purportedly “Russian” man grappling with a bear–and winning–has been doing the rounds.

As the time of writing this piece, the tweet showing the jaw-dropping video garnered 17,000 retweets and over 62,000 likes.

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The tweet, simply captioned, “The Russians are a different breed,” is part of a meme subculture which memeifies Slavs for their hardy lifestyles.

Slav memes tend to focus on Adidas tracksuits, a penchant for paint-stripper-esque potato-based alcohol beverages, chain cigarette smoking–and yes, of course, the world-renowned ‘Slav Squat.’ (Blyat).

“Only in Russia” is a meme page on social media which has enjoyed considerable success, posting content on a par with the infamous ‘Florida Man.’

In 2014, in a bizarre confrontation, a Russian man managed to fend off an ursine threat with a PC part.

The roaming bear had apparently charged the man, before he repelled the beast with a discarded PC part.

According to reports, the bear was confused by the actions of the man, who was furiously shouting at the bed.

The bear then scarpered off into another direction, leaving the man unscathed.

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On Facebook, there are several videos showcasing the superhuman hardiness of Russians if one were to search ‘Russians are a different breed’ or any similar entry.

Russians gained international fame after it was alleged that their diligent social media bots swayed the 2016 US elections.

For the bear’s sake, we wish him a speedy recovery after his entanglement with the Russian.