VIDEO: Several Volunteers Clean Up Debris After Minnesota Riots


A video showing several members of the community come together to clean up the mess following several nights of riots and looting as protests for the in-custody killing of a black man, George Floyd, ushers in continued chaos.

Riots erupted across several major U.S. cities as thousands of disgruntled protesters acted against another police killing of a black suspect.

The aftermath in the twin cities–Minneapolis and St. Paul–shows a gloomy scene reminiscent of a Middle Eastern war zone.

However, not all citizens have participated in the wanton destruction of their cities. In the below clip, Minnesotans came together to clear up a street full of ruined stores as dozens of business owners lost their livelihoods.

University street in St. Paul was in the process of being tidied while rioting ceased for the today. Images of demolishes stores as the camera rolled down the street showed the extent of the damage.

When the aftermath of the rioting became apparent, some were quick to compare the Minnesota cities to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

One tweeter had said: “While Twitter is full of righteous takes, all I heard from Minneapolis residents on Lake Street this morning, including protesters, was more frustration and more sadness. Sirens and helicopters are pretty much nonstop on the south side.”

“Fires are still smoldering in Minneapolis this morning. The entire affordable housing development was razed to the ground. Wendy’s and Autozone have been completely destroyed in the riot as well,” wrote another.

Riots across the country and the level of coordination have some asking whether the riots are organic in nature.