VIDEO: Shootout in Lawless Atlanta Leaves Woman is Shot in Leg


Disturbing footage emerged from Atlanta as a shootout broke out between two groups openly carrying firearms in the streets, leading to a female bystander taking a bullet to her  leg.

In the footage, a man films a group of men, with one carrying a rifle, appearing to engage in combat with another group as shots are traded.

A female bystander claims to be hit in the leg, but remains stoically calm, as passersby rush to deliver first aid and attempt to wrap her wounded leg in a makeshift tourniquet.

Amid the chaos, the panicked cameraman, who had sought refugee behind a parked car as bullets whizzed past his head, frantically told those around him to call an ambulance as medical treatment was administered to the hit woman.

#BREAKING Blacks are going berserk shooting AK’s at each other in Atlanta. Bystander woman shot in the leg #CivilWar

Posted by Jonathan Proby on Friday, June 19, 2020

The shocking footage elicited a wide range of responses. On Twitter, Hill columnist David Webb queried the calmness of the victim.

He tweeted: “Noticed that the woman who is shot is very calm and came prepared with a first aid kit. Who goes to a peaceful protest with a first aid kit and the calm to take care of herself after being shot?”

Some even believed that the woman was a member of radical left-anarchist group Antifa as first aid was swiftly given with readily available supplies.

“The lady got hit and she wasn’t a protester. She is part Antifa. She has a back pack on and she has supplies in her bag. Come on now. She should be arrested for terrorism,” commented one person.

The original poster on Twitter reported that “APD is still experiencing department-wide call-outs, leaving some beats open and police unable to respond to calls. Protests were all over the city last night, and there’s plenty scheduled for today in the wake of Rayshard Brooks’ death,” as Atlanta struggles with maintaining order following mass police walkouts two nights ago.

The recent Black Lives Matter protests and partly-adjoining ACAB–All Cops Are B****rds–movements have gained significant traction in recent weeks following the in-custody killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta.