VIDEO: Soros Funded Group Indoctrinates School Children Against ‘Christian Privilege’, Islamophobia


A consortium, a council of leftist ideology, including Indiana University and Purdue University (IUPUI), Dr. Muhammad Khalifa, Keith Ellison, Attorney General, Dr. Keith Brooks, and the Great Lakes Equity Center based in IUPUI , are tearing apart a school district in Minnesota with their “Equity” demands.

Eastern Carver Count Schools District 112 in Chaska, Minnesota in is becoming a battlefield between the Equity Race Movement,  and the parents and citizens of the school district.

The idea of Equity, according to their own documents, titled “Islamaphobia and Christian Privilege and what Educators Should know”, the council pushes for the destruction of Western Civilization, starting with disempowering of Christianity.

Some members of the council are associated with “extremist groups” funded by Hungarian hedge fund manager George Soros.

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The Washington Standard published the three-page document which clearly makes this case that the agenda of the council is to elevate Muslim students and Muslim ideology to the other students through what is called as “Equity Audits”.

Conveniently they know just the right person for the job, Khalifa.

From his Bio with Great Lakes Equity :

Dr. Muhammad Khalifa is an Associate Professor of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development at the University of Minnesota. His current research focuses on culturally responsive school leadership (CRSL) practices for minoritized students. His research in CRSL addresses how school leaders can engage multiple areas, most notably: school climate, inclusionary practice around student identity, community engagement, and CRSL of pedagogy, curriculum, and development. His research has focused on Black and Brown minoritized urban contexts in the U.S. However, he has recently participated in CRSL projects in East Africa and Central Asia. His most recent book, entitled Leading during Trouble Times: Culturally Responsive School Leadership for Minoritized Youth (2018), empowers principals to become CRSL leaders. He has been instrumental in helping districts perform Equity Audits, and addressing achievement gaps in their schools.

The Community is not happy. According to a video made my Alpha News in MN, there is trouble brewing.

“The School board has made some decisions that have alarmed parents, and has pushed a political agenda and caused division in the schools,” said Julia Quist of Child Protection League.

The video exposed a typical plot by Democrat Community Organizers to overthrow an already well functioning institution, where citizens once had power, to steal their power using race hoaxes for maximum chaos and division and to push their agenda and seize control over the institution.

The Council started with petitions for change.

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“A group brought in petitions and called for the Chaska’s principal’s termination. The petition started a series of events that brought a toxic agenda, an agenda called Equity,” said a member of the Chaska community on the video, who chose to be anonymous.

“So the school responded with three action items, one to appoint an Equity Advisory Council, Two they hired Dr. Keith Brooks a full-time Director of Equity and Inclusion for $138,000 dollars a year. Three they hired Dr. Muhammad Khalifa as an Equity consultant to help heal the perceived racial division on the schools,” said Don Huizenga, a Carver County taxpayer.

The video goes on in shocking detail to expose the agenda of the Equity Consultant scheme with a new twist on the word “Equity” itself.

When “Equity” means that everyone has to pay for “making up for past injustices”, and the taxpayers are forced to fund the powerful elite who independently decide on these matters, whose liberties are safe in America?