VIDEO: South African Man Begs America to ‘Wake Up,’ Warns ‘They Will Come For The Homes You Live In’


Jason Bartlett, a South African man who engages in activism on behalf of families devastated by racially motivated murder and land seizures in South Africa, sent a message to American citizens on social media this week urging them to stand up against the violent mobs in their own cities.

National File has transcribed Bartlett’s full message below:

“Dearest Americans, I’ve got a little bit of a warning for you. The year 2020 is an extremely important year, and I can tell you – as I come from South Africa, which is an extremely communist country – they paint lies for you. They tell you that they want change and they want unity, but they lie.

Because I can promise you you, when they get the change that they want, after that, they want more. And then they want more, and then they want more. And after they’ve taken everything, then they start to come for your land.

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So your freedoms will be gone, and then they will come for the physical land. They will come for the homes you live, they will come for the farms you farm on. This is not a guarantee, this is a promise, because it is going to happen and it has started, and it is time for you as Americans to unite and stand your ground and keep this country great.

I ask you, politely and nicely, stand up and start saying something.

Let’s not vote by mail because that is a huge piece of fraud waiting to happen. America, be waken up, because the time is now to defend your freedom.

May the Lord bless you you and keep you, and protect your President, as he stands firm in this time of crisis. Remember you have to protect yourselves from the enemy within.”

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