VIDEO: Spanish Apartment Dwellers Throw Bag of Water on ‘Coronavirus Lockdown’ Breakers


A group of people outside an apartment building who were reportedly breaking coronavirus lockdown had a trash bag full of water thrown on them.

As the coronavirus grind many non-essential services to a halt, some are taking the restrictions in place more seriously than others.

Some face penalties for breaking quarantine or the euphemized ‘self-isolation,’ but in this short clip–originally a Snapchat video–concerned residents take enforcement of steps to prevent the spread of the coronavirus with more severity.

The video, which reportedly took place in Spain, has garnered several thousand likes and retweets on Twitter.

In a tweet wrongly captioned, “Residents dropping large trash bags full of urine on people for not staying inside during coronavirus lockdown,” an individual drops a trash bag full of liquid purported to be urine–which was, in fact, water–onto unsuspecting loiterers below.

The bag falls from a great height onto the stragglers below, hurtling down several stories.

Despite being filmed and disseminated for comedic purposes, the top comments picked apart the dangerous act.

“Terrible post, not funny. Could end in death, definitely ends in getting arrested for “assault with bodily fluids”,” posted one social media user.

A second tweeted: “yo, someone could die.”

While a third remarked: “I’m all for doing crazy shot to make people go inside. But dropping a heavy bag of any liquid will kill someone. Not cool. Should have just peed over the balcony on them.”

“Ok, but this is not funny, a bag of liquid from that height can kill someone,” a fourth added.

Others remarked incredulously at how such a large quantity of urine could be obtained.

One wrote: “Where can one acquire large amounts of urine like that? I’m calling BS on that. At most, it’s piss-water right?”

In another tweet, the bag was said to be filled with water.

The reaction to the video, however, was similar; tweeters failed to see the funny side in the prank which could have had fatal consequences.

“It looks like it could have broken that guy’s neck,” a commenter gloomily tweeted.

Another commented: “Thats actually so dangerous.. from that height the bin bag full of water would feel like a rock. that could seriously injure someone badly, could even kill them if their neck snapped.”

Since the coronavirus began to grip several countries, multiple pranks have been recorded and used to capitalize on potential social media clout.

However, many of these pranks have backfired, and, in some cases, led to legal ramifications.

A 26-year-old man who licked hygienic products at a Missouri Walmart for social media clout faces terrorist charges as people as far afield as the Netherlands and UK complained to the man’s local police precinct to take action about the stomach-church clip.