VIDEO: Spanish Soldiers Beat, Repel African Migrant Horde Into Sea Amid Moroccan Border Crisis


Video footage from the Spanish city of Cueta, in North Africa on the Mediterranean Sea, shows Spanish troops repelling an influx of thousands of Sub-Saharan migrants that Moroccan authorities have allowed to stream across the border this week.

The group of migrants, numbering around 8,000, took advantage of lax border security in Morocco to invade Cueta. One female migrant told the Associated Press, “They let people pass and stand there without speaking. People just pass and pass and pass.”

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Approximately 4,000, or half, of the migrants were successfully deported after Spanish troops were summoned to the scene. Video footage captured some of the clashes between migrants and soldiers that resulted in the invading force being pushed back into the sea, as well as the events that led to the border crisis in the first place..

The situation appears to have stabilized as of Wednesday, with only a few migrants attempting to breach the border.