Video: Stew Peters Takes Dr. Ben Carson to Task on White Replacement Theory, Anti-White Racism


Last Updated on July 2, 2022

Radio host Stew Peters took Dr. Ben Carson to task on his show this week, confronting the former Trump Administration official on systemic anti-white racism and the demographic replacement of America’s founding population.

Dr. Ben Carson, who served as President Trump’s HUD Secretary, joined the Stew Peters Show this week to discuss a number of issues with the host, including the lethal side effects of the COVID vaccines recently approved for babies and small children and Democrats’ plans to “fundamentally change” America, largely, by employing systemic racism against white people through the immigration and education systems.

After Peters and Dr. Carson initially agreed that the only systemic racism plaguing America is coming from the radically left-wing Democrat Party, Peters asked the former Trump HUD Secretary if he gives any validity to the white replacement theory. The theory accuses factions of the US government and other global actors of engaging in the deliberate demographic replacement of white Americans, as well as other European and European-descended ethnic groups across the Western world. While the demographic remaking of America has been well underway for decades, thanks to open borders and a historic stream of unfettered third-world migration, the issue has only recently become somewhat of a mainstream talking point, though usually in the negative, as corporate media and establishment politicians have gone out of their way to discount the theory, which is backed up by US Census documents.

“So if they’re talking about fundamentally changing America, do you think that that gives some legitimacy to the theory of white replacement? Because we’re being gaslit into believing that this doesn’t actually exist in this country,” Peters asked Dr. Carson, who dismissed the idea as “foolishness.”

“Well, I mean, that whole concept is just foolishness,” said Carson. “Why do we even spend time thinking about it when we have real issues to deal with?” he asked, before pivoting to the dismal Biden economy and shortages of everyday goods. “Why aren’t we concentrating on those things rather than these artificial problems that people have created in order to enhance their own political position?”

“So you don’t give any credence to the theory of white replacement?” Peters asked again. “You don’t believe that that’s happening in this country?”

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“I don’t think that it’s a critical issue,” said Carson. “I think we need to be thinking not about white or black or brown or yellow, we need to be thinking about America, and let’s make sure that we have a situation that allows everybody to understand that we’re in the same boat and if part of the boat sinks the rest of it’s going down too. So it won’t really matter what color you are.”

“Well I happen to agree with you,” said Peters of America’s rapid downfall. “But as a white person in America and with white kids that are going to schools and being indoctrinated to hate themselves because of the color of their own skin, it is something that I recognize as being legitimate anti-white racism,” he continued, going on to call out America’s wide open southern border and Washington’s refusal to secure it.

“And then when I watch our borders as they are wide open to anybody who is Latino or coming from other parts of the world – these people, their primary language is not English, they’re not here legally in their first place, they’re bogging down the school system, they’re requiring all kinds of extra special attention, but a white person isn’t getting that. So to me, Dr. Carson, respectfully, it is a big deal. And that’s why I wanted to bring it up because it is a real problem out here in real America and people, specifically white people, are dealing with it.”

Despite claims from establishment politicians, corporate media, and now, Dr. Ben Carson, that white replacement theory is “foolishness,” the theory is backed up by decades of US Census documents, that show a massive decrease in the proportion of Americans identified as white. The demographic shift has been rapid and historically unprecedented around the world and has even been openly celebrated and promoted as a sign of “progress” and “diversity.” All the while, anti-white ideologies have been embedded into the nation’s schools, entertainment, and policymaking spheres.

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According to US Census documents, in 1970, Americans identified by the Census Bureau as non-Hispanic white made up 83.5% of the nation’s total population. By 1990, non-Hispanic whites had dropped to 75.6% of the population. As of the most recent Census, conducted in 2020, whites make up just 57.8% of the US population and are expected to become a racial minority by 2050. Additionally, the white populations of Canada and New Zealand are expected to reach minority status around that same time, thanks to unfettered third-world migration issues of their own.

“We desperately need brave leaders. Leaders that are brave enough to push back against this, explicitly,” Stew Peters said in his opening monologue, preceding the interview. “Even within the Republican Party, most politicians are too cowardly and cucked. They don’t want to talk about this, so they prefer to just pretend it’s not even happening. But if anybody can speak honestly, it ought to be Dr. Ben Carson.”

Watch Stew Peters’ Full Segment With Dr. Ben Carson Below:

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