VIDEO: Super Bowl Halftime Show Featured Pole Dancing, Strip Club Mimicry


The Super Bowl halftime show featuring Shakira, 43, and Jennifer Lopez, 50, featured tongue flicking, twerking, and poll dancing – alongside young children wearing white dresses – during Super Bowl LIV.

In what some are billing a strange performance, the Halftime Show featured the two Latina artists twerking, poll dancing, and flicking their tongue on a microphone while staring into a camera.

Some Twitter users reacted with shock, bordering on disgust.

“What the f*ck is that Shakira,” said one user.

The duo also twerked with young children wearing white dresses flanking them on either side.

Pole dancing was also featured prominently, with not only the singers employing the dancing aids but multiple dancers also dancing on polls in the background as they sang.

Some Twitter users celebrated the multicultural halftime show, with Anton Chigurh writing “Trump supporters losing their collective minds after seeing all those black and brown folks at halftime.”

The tweet was accompanied by a video of a child dancing on the stage alongside Puerto Rican and American flags.

Other Twitter users simply mocked the seemingly sexual performance.

Earlier, performers Jay Z and Beyonce refused to stand for the National Anthem as it was performed by Demi Lovato.

National File reported:

Beyonce and Jay Z, attending the Super Bowl with their child Blue Ivy, both sat during Demi Lovato’s performance of the National Anthem during the opening moments of Super Bowl LIV.

Video uploaded by the Demi Lovato News Media Twitter account seems to confirm reports that the American music stars did not stand for the National Anthem, seemingly in an homage to former football player Colin Kaepernick, who led to a series of boycotts and national controversy when he knelt for the anthem.

“Beyonce and Jay Z watching Demi perform the National Anthem at the #SuperBowl,” wrote the account.

Super Bowl LIV takes place in Miami, Florida.