VIDEO: Swalwell, Who Threatened to Unleash Nuclear Devastation on Americans, Denies Farting on Camera


Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) appeared to loudly break wind while he was on live television, being interviewed on MSNBC.

Swalwell was being interviewed by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on the topic of impeachment when he began to make what seem to be strained facial expressions.

Seconds later Swalwell appeared to lurch forward slightly, and a loud, possibly gaseous noise was heard on the hot mic, prompting conservatives on Twitter to begin using the hashtag “#FartGate” in an attempt to solve the noxious mystery.

Swalwell vehemently denied the allegation that more hot air escaped his person than intended during the interview in a statement sent to Buzzfeed, leading some viewers to logically assume that he is shifting blame to Matthews, the only other person on camera with a microphone that could have picked up the ghastly noise.

Despite his denials, Twitter users and citizen researchers deftly navigated the wind currents surrounding #FartGate and apparently, using infrared filters, discovered a large, warm presence escaping Swalwell’s derriere.

National File was unable to verify the authenticity of the infrared footage, but gleefully awaits any possible flatulence fact checkers who may be able to find the source the stench emanating from the MSNBC broadcast.

Fresh off his failed presidential run, Swalwell is no stranger to controversy, having threatened a different type of warfare against gun owning Americans in 2018.

While arguing for mandatory gun confiscation with Joe Biggs, now a host at Gavin McInnes’ Free Speech TV, Swalwell chose nuclear war as opposed to gas attacks.

In response to a tweet by Biggs, now banned from Twitter for reasons unrelated to flatulence, Swalwell responded that any potential civil war over gun confiscation “would be a short war” as “the government has nukes.”

It is unknown if Swalwell would also employ chemical warfare on unsuspecting, gun toting Americans.

At press time, President Donald Trump has yet to chime in via Twitter regarding #FartGate, leaving Americans to wait in suspense on the proverbial porcelain throne.