VIDEO: Ted Cruz Ignores, Turns Back On Laura Loomer At ‘America Uncanceled’ CPAC Event


Video footage from the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida shows Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) snubbing conservative journalist and congressional candidate Laura Loomer, turning away and refusing to acknowledge her questions about holding hearings on Big Tech social media censorship.

“Senator, senator, can I get your commitment please as the most banned, censored woman and the only congressional candidate who denied social media access to having a meeting with you about social media censorship?” Loomer asked Cruz.

The senator, who was wearing a mask that hindered his ability to speak coherently enough for his words to be audible on camera, ignored Loomer for a prolonged period before stooping abruptly, turning his back to her, and initiating a conversation with someone else while she stood just a few inches away waiting for a response.

Despite the “America Uncancelled” theme of CPAC 2021, multiple reports have surfaced of speakers being disinvited for controversial remarks, and attendees being kicked out of the event venue en masse for unknown reasons.

Additionally, CPAC officials have committed to enforcing stricter Covid protocols than those recommended by the CDC, threatening to remove guests from the hotel event grounds if they do not wear face masks or shields:

“Face coverings are required in the hotel lobby, all meeting space public areas such as foyers and hallways, meeting ballrooms and breakout rooms when not seated and socially distanced (or when not presenting in a session and socially distanced), restaurants and bars when not actively eating or drinking, fitness center, and while moving around in outdoor areas,” the CPAC website states.

“Guests who are not wearing face coverings at the hotel as required will be asked to wear one,” the website description continues. “Face coverings will be made available to guests who do not have one. Guests who are not willing to comply with this face coverings mandate may either stay in their guestroom throughout their visit or they will be asked to leave the hotel property.”

Additionally, attendees will be required to submit to a health questionnaire that must be confirmed upon arrival, and will be subjected to temperature screenings every time they reenter the hotel.

Cruz drew criticism earlier this month for visiting Cancun while his state suffered crippling weather-induced power outages.