VIDEO: Thousands of Brits Gather in Massive Crowd to Celebrate Brexit


As the United Kingdom formally separated from the European Union, thousands of Britons gathered in public to celebrate the separation from the supranational body.

After years of negotiating and setbacks under Prime Minister Theresa May, the election of Prime Minister Boris Johnson resulted in a final split between the United Kingdom and the European Union, an event that led to celebration across the British isles from those who voted leave.

One video shows a massive crowd, visually similar to a New Year’s Eve celebration in New York’s Times Square.

Robert Langley uploaded the video, writing “Apparently the media didn’t show the crowds.”

He added, “Well, here’s a more accurate representation… #BrexitReality.”

In a video uploaded by a British radio host, showing the pro-Brexit celebration at Parliament Square, a massive group of people was seen shouting and cheering.

“So where did you welcome in Brexit,” wrote Julia Hartley-Brewer. “This is what I was in Parliament Square at 11pm…”

Another video, recorded in a pub, shows a large group of people respond with cheers and singing as Nigel Farage removed the United Kingdom’s flag from the European Union Parliament.

“This is the most British reaction to Brexit so far,” wrote Australian commentator Avi Yemini.

Another video shows the crowd celebrating the countdown to leaving the European Union, which officially happened at 11 p.m. on January 31.

Farage lead the crowd in chanting a final countdown. After the countdown was completed, fireworks, foam, and cheers erupted.

“Here it is. History in the making. #Brexit,” wrote Michael Heaver.

In Germany, crowds also gathered to mourn the loss of the United Kingdom’s presence in the European Union.

A video was uploaded showing the sharp contrast, as Germans gathered at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany to sing the European Union’s anthem in a somber gathering.

“I’ve managed to desensitise myself from Brexit the last year or so,” wrote John P. “At the moment #Brexit happened I was at the Brandenburg Gate where a crowd had gathered to sing the European anthem.”

“Very moving and very sad.”

In Scotland, which sought to separate from the United Kingdom in its own independence referendum after Brexit, another small crowd gathered to mourn the separation from the European Union.

“Can’t believe George square brexit demo is getting the press and this isn’t,” wrote one Twitter user.

From video uploaded to social media, it would seem Brexit celebrations have dwarfed those mourning the loss of the country’s participation in the supranational body.