VIDEO: Tim Pool Says ‘I Want a Wife, Not A CEO’


“I want a wife, not a CEO,” Tim Pool said in his recent Timcast video.

Pool, 33, a popular YouTube journalist and pundit, reacted to a New York Post article titled,” Women are struggling to find men who make more money than they do,” citing a dilemma between the “sexes” and a shift in what was once considered traditional relationship roles between men and women, where men are sought younger women, and women sought stable older men.

Pool is popular for inverting the perspective of articles and videos made by liberal and conservative media.

Pool said he, himself, prefers what was once considered traditional values in the women he seeks to date.

“It is socially unacceptable to say that I don’t want my wife to have a job. I want to take care of the family. And Feminism tells women that it is socially unacceptable to stay at home. Therein lies the issue,” he said.

“This article is lacking a certain perspective in understanding the problem,” he said. Pool referred to what he calls the “classic liberal perspective of live and let live.”


“The article makes it sound like it is only a woman’s problem.  Part of the problem is that men can’t find good jobs, they are staying at home, they are not going to school, they are failing, men lack ambition. Why is that?” he said.

“Here is the real issue, we have too many men who are not economically attractive,” said Pool. Pool then said that society changed, and as a result, there is a problem where men don’t have money.

“If women weren’t making money, we wouldn’t have so many broke dudes. So welcome to the dating pool. What did you expect to happen?” he said.

Pool identifies that he has the inverse problem from the one stated in the article. He is looking for a wife to raise children and be a part of a family and has some difficulty finding women who want to stay at home.

Pool, again, makes the point that his point of view is actually the traditional “liberal” point of view. “I want someone who is going to take care of the social aspect of the family,” he said.

“I don’t need someone who is going to be in a board meeting. I have work to do.” Pool said. “A partnership is one that fills in the gap for me when I am working.”

“I want someone who is going to work as hard as I do on raising a family, not half as hard,” said Pool.

“If a woman wants to be a CEO fine, but I am looking for someone to help me raise a family. I don’t mind a woman who wants to be a CEO, it is just not my preference. I prefer slightly younger women than myself who want to stay at home. Guys are passionate and driven. There are reasons for this. Don’t put your career on hold, but I am just not interested. There are great guys who are not attracted to women who work,” Pool said.

“Feminists are not going to be able to change my preference,” he said. “A lot of women want to have it all. I am not looking for half I want it all.”