VIDEO: Top AZ Democrat Claimed Trump “Aligned with Isis”


Felecia Rotellini, Chairwoman of the Arizona Democratic Party, told people at a panel discussion Saturday that President Donald J. Trump was aligned with ISIS and the people who caused the deadly attack on America.

“The reason why people are going to vote is because Donald Trump is manipulating the White House and has aligned himself with ISIS and Saudi Arabia,” Rotellini said.

According to the AZ Republican party, “the statements by Rotellini were made an hour before the President & top military officials met in the Situation Room to watch US special forces carry out a raid in Syria that led to the death of ISIS leader Baghdadi,” their spokesperson said.

There was no retraction or statement of the improper statements on the AZ Democrat Party’s social media account, or on Roteilli’s personal account.

At time of press, neither account acknowledged the military raid or Trump’s announcement of his attacks on ISIS or the death of the eleven leaders of ISIS this week.

Fellow Democrats Ilhan Omar (D-MN) Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) have regularly failed to condemn the violence of ISIS carried out abroad.

The resurgence of ISIS during the Obama administration, also known as the Islamic State (IS), brought with it a clear goal of establishing ISIS as the undisputed leader of a worldwide Islamist movement spanning, and ultimately eradocating, international borders.

Until  Abuhis death, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had been slated to be the Caliph, or worldwide leader of the international Islamic caliphate.

The meaning of the word ‘Caliph’ isnt merely religious. It translates to mean successor, and it designates its bearer as the political boss of the Islamic community, known as an ummah. 

The definitions of these terms clearly indicate the extra-religious nature of Islam, which many progressives contend is merely a religion.

There remains much controversy, however, over whether Islam is merely a religion or whether it expands beyond the boundaries of the spiritual and into the realm of the civic and political.

Observers from all sides ridiculed as absurd the claim that President Trump was somehow aligned with ISIS after the U.S. military’s brutal takedown of the would-be caliph.