VIDEO: Trump On Impeachment, ‘I Hear It’s A Joke’ and ‘I Haven’t Watched For One Minute’


President Donald Trump was asked for his reaction to the first day of impeachment hearings in the House of Representatives, and replied candidly that he hears it went very poorly for the Democrats, reiterated that he considers it a “witch hunt.”

When asked by Emerald Robinson, of One America News, for his thoughts on the day’s impeachment proceedings, President Trump replied that he is not paying close attention to the events.

President Trump replied, “You’re talking about the witch hunt?”

“I hear it’s a joke. I haven’t watched, I haven’t watched for one minute,” President Trump explained, noting he was preoccupied with diplomatic duties.

President Trump continued, “This is a sham, and shouldn’t be allowed. It was a situation that was caused by people that shouldn’t have allowed it to happen.”

The president then went on to explain what his goals are relating to impeachment.

“I want to find out who is the whistleblower, because the whistleblower gave a lot of very incorrect information, including my call with the president of Ukraine, which was a perfect call, and highly appropriate, and he wrote something that was much different than the fact.”

President Trump notes that he also wants to “find out why the IG, why he would have presented that, when in fact all he had to do was check the call himself and he would have seen it.”

The president also noted that he plans to release the transcript for another phone call made to the president of Ukraine tomorrow.

“I’m going to be releasing, I think on Thursday, a second call which actually was the first of the two, and you’ll make a determination as to what you think there.”

President Trump added that he “heard just a report, they said it’s all third hand information, nothing direct at all. It can’t be direct becuase I never said it. And all they have to do, is look very very simply at the transcript.”

“I hear that it’s a hoax and it’s being played as a hoax, that’s what I hear,” President Trump concluded.