VIDEO: Trump, Pence Honor Conan the Hero Dog at White House With Award, Head Pats


President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and First Lady Melania Trump honored Conan the special forces dog at a press conference on the White House steps Monday morning.

“We’re very honored to have Conan here and to have given him a certificate and an award that we’re going to be putting up in the White House,” President Trump said as Vice President Pence patted Conan on the head.

President Trump explained that Conan had arrived Sunday night along with the special forces operatives who participated in the mission. The latter could not appear in public due to security protocols.

The Belgian Malinois appeared happy and fully recovered from the injuries he sustained during the raid that took down al-Baghdadi on October 27 in Syria.

“[Conan] is trained that if you open your mouths you will be attacked,” President Trump joked while gesturing toward the media gathered on the lawn. “You want to be very, very careful.”

Footage of the raid that Conan participated in can be seen below: