VIDEO: Trump Supporter Tells Biden, ‘It Was Your Son in Ukraine’ and ‘Your Son Is A Crackhead’


During a rally for former vice president Joe Biden, a supporter of President Donald Trump corrected the candidate, telling him that he lied about President Trump’s 2015 presidential announcement and that it was Biden’s son doing business in Ukraine.

At a recent rally, Biden misconstrued the facts surrounding President Trump’s 2015 announcement, claiming that before the president reached the bottom of the now famous golden escalator, he said “I’m going to take on those rapist Mexicans.”

President Trump, of course, did not call all Mexicans rapists, drug dealers, or criminals, but instead said that a subsection of the illegal immigrants that were then pouring over the border consisted of rapists, drug dealers, and criminals, as well as “good people.”

At this point in the video, the Trump supporter, seated somewhere near Biden, calmly told Biden that he was lying.

“That’s a lie, Joe. That’s a lie.”

This prompted Biden to look toward the Trump supporter, and retort, “No it isn’t a lie!”

In return, the Trump supporter continued his statement.

“Yeah, and it was your son in the Ukraine,” he continued to boos from the crowd and stunned silence on the part of Biden.

Raising his voice, the Trump supporter continued, “You’re the one that offered to withhold a billion dollars. The Council on Foreign Relations? ‘Son of a bitch, he got fired,’ right Joe? ‘Son of a bitch, he got fired,’ remember that, Joe?”

The supporter referenced a now-viral clip of Biden appearing to brag about engaging in quid pro quo while serving under President Barack Obama.

Biden famously threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid unless the Ukrainian president agreed to fire a prosecutor who was investigating corruption in the country, including corruption related to Burisma, the company Biden’s son Hunter would later receive a cushy job paying in excess of $50,000 per month.

Still, the supporter continued, “Trump is innocent! Trump is innocent!, Joe! You’ll never be president.”

As the crowd began chanting “We want Joe,” and Biden appeared confused and unsure of himself, the Trump supporter began to conclude.

“Your son is a crackhead. Your son is a crackhead, Joe, what do you think about that? Son of a bitch he got fired, right.”

Hunter Biden was forced out of the military due to his crack cocaine addiction, and has reportedly been holed up in New York strip clubs abusing the drug and having sex toys used on him in recent months.

He finally concluded, “There’s your quid pro quo, Joe. There’s your quid pro quo, brother.”