VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Unveils CHAZ Tourism Campaign, ‘The Anarchist Utopia You Never Knew You Needed’


In a clip from the June 12 episode of his nightly Fox News broadcast, Tucker Carlson unveiled a tourism ad showcasing “America’s newest neighbor: The Nation of CHAZ,” showing what the fledgling autonomous zone has in store for its burgeoning tourism industry.

As the nation of CHAZ emerges on the international stage, buoyed by the success of Soundcloud rapper-turned-warlord Raz Simone, Carlson provided a tourism advertisement showing that CHAZ offers a variety of exciting vacation options.

“Welcome to the Nation of CHAZ,” says the narrator. “It’s the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone located within beautiful downtown Seattle. It’s the anarchist utopia you never knew you needed.”

The advertisement continues, “Just look at all the things you’re missing out on: A welcoming committee greeting you upon arrival, luxury accommodations, for the intellectual types we’ve got thought provoking artwork. Not wild about cops? Good news because there are none! Masked men with guns will keep you safe and sound throughout your stay.”

The advertisement then showcases the selection of luxury portable toilets available to tourists, and shows a group of local residents angrily shouting at a passerby.

Earlier in the week, Carlson extolled the virtues of CHAZ’s strict border controls. The country boasts strong walls made from wooden and concrete barriers, as well as border patrols armed with rifles:

“The first thing it did was establish rigid national borders,” said Carlson. “They built a wall around the place, just like Donald Trump once said he would do. Their wall is made from wooden barricades.”

Carlson continued, “A sign at the entrance to the country warns, ‘You are now leaving the USA.’ And then there are armed border guards, not technically ICE agents but close enough, who question everyone seeking entry. Countries have borders, and the founders of CHAZ understood that. They don’t want the place flooded with illegals, and by illegals we mean the citizens of Seattle.”

The Tucker Carlson Tonight host went on to explain how the leaders of CHAZ have embraced realistic policy positions to protect the safety and economic well being of its citizens.

At the end of his program, Carlson pledged to bring more updates from the newest entrant to the world stage on Monday.