VIDEO: Two Men Fighting With Baseball Bats On London Street


Rarely a day goes by where violent crime in London isn’t reported.

London’s violent crime rates have soared in recent years.

Many blame London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, for the uptick in crime.

Khan has also come under fire for relatively lax approaches to tackling physical crime, but diverting funds to police online hate speech instead.

London’s murder rates, this year, are set to surpass last year’s total of 132 at the current rate.

Many shocking crimes have been recorded by social media users and passersby with smartphones, and are often seen going viral on social media.

The latest to do the rounds was a video of two young men armed with metal baseball bats furiously swinging at each other, in broad daylight, in front of horrified members of the public.

Connected to the filmed incident, the Metropolitan Police says the were called after reports that another twenty males were fighting with weapons in public.

A knife was also recovered from the scene.

The hits have kept rolling in from the UK’s capital

In the past week, a gunman died after accidentally shooting himself when a bullet ricocheted from a car window and hit him.

A few days before that, two were shot at a fast food restaurant in London.

London was also named acid attack capital of the Western world.

Drawing attention to the root causes of the tremendous rise in violent crime, without couching a hypothesis in hard-left sociological terms addressing structural inequality or some post-colonialist fantasies, will see many concerned individuals painted as racist by the activists and the authorities alike.