VIDEO: Two Shot at London Fast Food Restaurant


Violent crime is on the up, but drawing attention to soaring violent crime rates will be often met with scorn or accusations of racism.

Somebody is stabbed to death almost every three days in London.

Despite stringent gun regulations, gun crime has become a growing issue.

Yesterday, a viral video circulated social media showing two young men chasing a man in a youth center before hacking him to death in the multicultural utopia of London.

Today, a video has made the rounds on social media where a gunman enters a fast food restaurant in South London and opens fire at customers.

According to London’s Streets:

A gunman opened fire at a group of eight people at Bakers Dozen Caribbean Roots in Brixton.

Footage released shows a youth dragging himself along the floor of the takeaway after being blasted in the leg. A pensioner can also be seen falling to the ground while covering his ears.

Gun crime isn’t the only violent crime on the rise.

London was named the Acid Attack Capital of the West. Muggers, criminals, and gangs are using caustic substances as a preferred weapon:

London is breaking records left, right, and center: its knife crime is seemingly out of control, Female Genital Manipulation cases in the thousands with less prosecutions than Burkina Faso, and violent crime on the rise across the board.

Now, London has become the vitriolage capital of the Western World.

Acid attacks–although claimed to have always been a part of life in London–have risen tremendously in recent years.

National File posted a recent video of the scene of a stabbing in London.

Violent crime has spilled out of the capital and has struck other towns and cities across the country.

Preemptive methods to prevent crime such as ‘stop and search’ have been slammed as ‘racist’ by politicians and media personalities due to demographic disparities of those targeted.