VIDEO: UK Cop Threatened to ‘Make Something Up’ to Arrest Innocent Man During COVID-19 Lockdown


A Lancashire Police officer was recorded threatening to “make something up” to arrest a man, telling him “Who are they going to believe, me or you?” in a viral video posted to social media.

The video caused a stir on social media, with dozens of disgusted viewers venting their frustrations at the United Kingdom police, at a time when accusations of heavy-handedness under the country’s coronavirus lockdown order have been rife.

The exasperated man tries to explain to the police that they were harassing him and that he had done nothing wrong.

In return, the police officer threatens to “make something up” and asks him “who are they going to believe?”

The Lancashire Police Twitter account came out with a statement following the incident, writing that “The matter is being investigated and has been referred to our professional standards department. It is clear from the footage the member of the public deserves an apology which we will attempt to provide him with today.”

The video drew negative attention from social media users.

“‘I’ll make something up’ ??? If that officer is still an officer by noon today then as a force you will have failed…. charge him with misconduct in public office… or make something up @LancsPolice, you guys seem good at that,” wrote one Twitter user.

“I know the entire country is under stress but the admittance by the officer that he would ‘make something up who they going to believe’ is not a training issue it’s an attempt towards potential perjury and preventing the course of justice. This is gross misconduct,” commented another.

A third remarked, “He deserves a lot more than an apology. ‘I’ll lock you up. I’ll just make something up. Who are they going to believe, me or you?’ What on earth are the public supposed to think of the police?”

Police in the United Kingdom have recently come under fire for draconian measures taken during the country’s coronavirus lockdown.

Shoppers in Scotland were reportedly fined almost $40 for buying non-essential goods such as wine and potato chips, after officers trawled through their shopping.

In another video, police were filmed breaking down a man’s door for having the TV on too loud as they believed the man was flouting social distancing by hosting a party.

The police failed to wear any protective gear in their barnstorming visit to the man’s apartment, despite attempting to prevent the spread of the coronavirus by preventing large groups from assembling.