VIDEO: UK Police Officer Taunted by ‘Teens’ Who Stole His Bike


A police community support officer (PSCO) had his bike stolen by “teens” who he had confronted for failing to observe coronavirus social distancing.

The incident was captured on film as the “teens” taunted the helpless PSCO as he kindly asked the group–comprised of over a dozen youths–to go home, from Godolphin Field near Slough, Berkshire.

The group encircled the PSCO after one member of the group nabbed the man’s bicycle and rode off with it.

The video was shared all over social media garnering a negative response from disgusted viewers. Members of the group mockingly inquired: “shall we go home… how you going to get home officer, where is your bike?”

To which the exasperated PCSO replied: “I just want you to go home, go home.”

One of the teens responded: “Daddy pig says go home,” according to Metro.

In a tweet showing the video, the tweeter wrote: “British police officer confronts a group of migrants ignoring lockdown rules. They steal his bicycle and start mocking him “look, he’s about to cry!”. This wouldn’t work in Poland.”

Comments were varied: some attacked the PCSO for his demeanor, while others criticized the youths for their defiant behavior.

Since the incident, however, a “mob” of police officers descended on the group of youths to fine them for taunting the PCSO, stealing his bike, and failing to adhere to social distancing.

According to the Daily Mail, the group of youths can be heard speaking in Punjabi as the officers approached them.

The alleged bike thief was identified as 23-year-old Hassan Ali was charged by Thames Valley Police with “a section 4a public order offence and one count of taking a bicycle without consent.”

He will appear in front of Reading Court Magistrates on June 4.

Since the incident, the PCSO has been praised for his ‘professionalism and great constraint’ by the Thames Valley Police.

More than 9,000 fines have been handed out to people failing to obey social distancing rules, and 80% of those fined were male.