Video: Virginia Mom Schools Youngkin’s State Education Board


Last Updated on October 24, 2022

A Virginia mom schooled officials with the state’s education board on parental rights and blasted the pro-groomer, anti-white curriculum that’s being peddled to Virginia’s kids, even with Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin at the helm.

The Virginia Board of Education met Thursday and was taken to task over their failures to protect Virginia’s schoolchildren from hyper-sexualized, racially-divisive curriculum by Chesterfield County mom Anne Taydus, who serves as the Vice President and co-founder of Virginians for Children First.

“My parental rights don’t stop where your feelings begin,” Taydus told Virginia’s Board of Education, before using the entirety of her 5 minutes at the mic to lay into the board’s failures and expose the fallacies of Virginia’s happy talk on education under Governor Glenn Youngkin.

“How many K through 5 transgender books does Chesterfield County need?” Taydus asked the board, going on to inform them that there are twenty-one pro-trans picture books available to children as young as five, with no parental consent necessary, in Chesterfield County schools.

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“I have not one, but two daughters,” Taydus went on to tell the board. “Protecting their innocence is my role in life and I will never let my child be exposed to standing up and not being able to sit down until she says her ‘pronouns’ ever again!”

Virginia schools are “asking my child at eleven if she’s male, female, or non-binary,” she said. And forcing kids to write essays about how they “benefit” from being white.

All of it, Taydus told the board, comes as the academic achievements of kids in Virginia schools collapse.

Watch the video below:

Though GOP Governor Glenn Youngkin was swept into office last November on a groundswell of support from parents and others opposed to running schools like left-wing training camps, he’s faced an increasing tide of criticism from those with their ears to the ground on education issues.

While he’s grabbed a number of Fox News headlines for issuing policy “guidance” to the education department, Youngkin’s critics say the Governor has stopped short of making any meaningful changes. Instead, they note that his “guidance” is just that – guidance – and that Youngkin has effectively delegated his top campaign issue to the Virginia Board of Education.

This school of thought isn’t too far removed from Youngkin’s actions on other top issues though.

When State Senator Amanda Chase called on Governor Youngkin to convert Virginia’s elections to hand-counted paper ballots only, Youngkin’s office told National File that he’s already delegated authority on election integrity issues to the state legislature.

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