VIDEO: Warlord Raz Hands Out Rifles From His Tesla’s Trunk To Counter ‘Energy’ Of ‘Possible Threats’


Video footage taken from a livestream within the Seattle Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (formerly known as CHAZ) shows local warlord and SoundCloud rapper Raz Simone handing out at least one AR-pattern rifle to his constituents, who clearly have no idea how to use the weapons.

In the video, Raz Simone can be seen walking over to the trunk of a white luxury sedan identified as a Tesla, and asking his group of followers, “Somebody over the age of 18 know how to use a gun?”

When one crew member nods in the affirmative states they are 18 years old, Raz Simone opens the trunk and retrieves a rifle, which he then hands to the volunteer, telling him, “Take the clip out and put it back in.”

The novice rifleman then fumbles around awkwardly with the weapon, trying unsuccessfully to dislodge the magazine while swinging the muzzle around in various directions.

“Hell no,” shrieks one of the onlookers, and Raz instructs the volunteer to “keep the barrel down.”

After the volunteer is finally in a non-threatening position and holding the rifle in a somewhat competent manner, Raz shoulders his own AK-pattern rifle and heads off down the street.

“Hey, if they arrest me, you got my bond?” the volunteer asks concernedly as Raz walks away, to which the latter turns, laughs, and says, “Hey I got you, just don’t say any names.”

Later, Raz is seen instructing his crew to take cover behind the wheel well, engine block, and tires of a vehicle during a potential firefight.

“They wanna know, why the guns tonight?” someone asks.

“Just the, the energy that’s out right now, and there’s possible threats or whatever, we’re just exercisin’ our rights, that’s all,” Raz replies.

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In a song released shortly after he assumed control in the autonomous zone, Raz recounts how in the eight grade he was “planning things,” stating,  “I knew I’d be a boss if I applied myself, I started runnin’ guns and I acquired wealth.”