VIDEO: White BLM Protester Calls Black Police Officer N-Word During DC Protest


Viral footage from earlier this week of the continuing protests in Washington, D.C. shows a white Black Lives Matter protester provoke a black riot policeman for several minutes after police allegedly tackled him for touching an officer, eventually culminating in the protester calling the black officer the racial slur.

In the video, a man off screen yells that the protester has rights. The protester then says “Your child is gonna tell you you’re a piece of s***. Your mom is gonna tell you you’re a piece of s***. And if your mother doesn’t, I feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for your family.”

He continues, “You’re a piece of s***. You’re a piece of s***. You really are. You really are. You’re part of the f****** problem. And I hope to f*** your children treat you the way you deserve to be treated.”

The man continues stating is was peacefully protesting, and claiming that was within his  “First Amendment right,” until another black officer approaches the ranting man.

After a brief conversation with the officer, who asks the man to back up, the protester says “Tell this b**** a** n***** to stop putting his hands on people,” referring to the alleged off-camera moment where he was pushed to the floor.

The scene of the incident is the site of the briefly lived Black House Autonomous Zone, or BHAZ, which became an autonomous zone shortly before being reigned in by police.

Yesterday, a man dressed in a bikini allegedly attempted to attack an MSNBC reporter and congresswoman at the site of BHAZ.

National File reported:

As autonomous zones across major U.S. cities begin to dominate the news cycle, MSNBC reporter Andrea Mitchell was nearly assaulted by a person in the D.C. autonomous zone.

Authorities attempt to clear out the D.C. autonomous zone named “BHAZ”–a cop-free zone which activists tried to establish close to the White House–going the same way as the short-lived Portland autonomous zone, which drew press attention.

A city block dubbed “Black House Autonomous Zone” was hastily and momentarily barricaded to form the zone. Today, authorities worked to clear out the zone, suffering a similar end to the ill-fated Portland autonomous zone, which was removed after it threatened to encircle the mayor’s condo.

The MSNBC reporter was at the scene with Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) until a bikini-clad person with long whitish blonde hair charges at them, when a man in a black t-shirt and rucksack chases behind, marshalling the assailant away.

Autonomous Zones have popped up in Portland and Seattle in the absence of police presence. The infamous CHOP zone in Seattle was established after the local precinct abandoned the area to ease tensions during the recent George Floyd riots.