VIDEO: White Couple Beaten With 2x4s by Rioters for Protecting Their Store


As dozens of violent and chaotic images circulate the web, illustrating a bleak picture of yesterday’s riots, a couple–reportedly from Rochester, New York–was severely beaten by rioters wielding planks of wood.

The footage begins in a confrontation between two white store owners and a group of rioters armed with two-by-fours.

As the rioters and would-be looters appear to move along, one of the turns around and deals a blow to one of the store owners.

The rioters then begin to brutally dish out blows with the two-by-fours to the outnumbered couple trying to protect their business.

At the end of the clip, the beaten man screams at the cowardly rioters commanding them to “get away” from his wife.

Social media appeared to warm up toward the idea of arming oneself as tensions flared.

“Didn’t have a gun – that’s the issue here,” commented one tweeter.

“They beat up a woman for telling them to leave wtf,” wrote another.

A third wrote: “This is why I would get my concealed carry license. I wouldn’t hesitate to protect my self or family/friends.”

The footage is simply a drop in the bucket for the extent of the chaos to take America by storm in the past few days following the unlawful in-custody killing of suspected fraudster George Floyd.

Floyd’s death has sparked a series of riots and protests around America–and even going across the Atlantic, to Europe.

Since last night’s chaos rocked the country, US President Donald Trump has declared Antifa to be a terrorist group following their participation in the riots.

Another defining image from Rochester was a store owner who rocked up to his establishment brandishing a shotgun and firing into a crowd of would-be looters vying to rob his place.

The footage of the store owner on the warpath garnered tens of thousands of engagements and little sympathy for the looters.

National File will continue to report on the riots as news emerges.