VIDEO: White Guards Protect Black Family From BLM Mob As They Enter Church


A Black Lives Matter mob of rioters stormed Grace Baptist Church in Troy, New York, reportedly in retribution for an AR-15 giveaway organized by Pastor John Koletas, requiring members of the congregation to guard a black family as they entered the church.

In tweet with video appearing to show members of the mob attack the congregation, the church wrote on Twitter, “If black lives matter, why did this black family require guards to be escorted into church to be protected from the mob?”

Protesters are seen attempting to block the path of a black family as they enter the church, prompting white members of the congregation, referred to as “guards,” to remove the protesters and allow the family to enter the church to worship.

In the video, a member of the mob is heard shouting at the family, “You should be ashamed of yourself sister, taking your kids in there, when millions of black kids are killed every day from gun violence.”

Mob members attempted to block entry into the church, hurling threats and profanity at children and the elderly, and went as far as to physically assault parishioners before entering the building in an apparent attempt to shut down services.

At least one Black Lives Matter supporter instructed the mob to “burn it down” as the event was live streamed to social media.

Local media reports largely downplayed the event, referring to violent mob members as “protestors” and “demonstrators” as has been the trend nationwide since Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and other radically left-wing groups began organizing deadly riots in late May.

The Times Union, and Albany-based newspaper, even seemed to imply the church had it coming, due to the aforementioned AR-15 giveaway, and attempted to tie the multiracial house of worship to the “alt-right.”