VIDEO: Woman ‘Fakes’ Spousal Abuse Injuries, Headbutts Through Shop Window


A viral video on Facebook shows surveillance footage of a couple having a heated argument to the point where the woman appears to try to give herself head injuries–ostensibly to make it appear as if her partner had physically abused her–by repeatedly headbutt a store window, only to smash through the glass.

The short, but dramatic, footage was caught in the early hours of March 5 outside a battery store.

The animated woman and her partner are engaged in an intense fight until she ups the ante by violently trying to give herself injuries to incriminate the man.

Calmly, throughout the entire footage, the man is stood with his arms folded, watching the woman launch her energetic tirade.

After the woman smashes through the glass, the cross-armed man wanders off; the livid woman, further enraged by her being self-owned, gets up and starts chasing the man before the footage cuts off.

Introduced by the translated caption, “is your girlfriend toxic? Well…” the popular video garnered just under three million views in under a week, with an impressive 62K shares.

– ¿Tu novia es tóxica?– Pues….

Posted by Che Pillin on Saturday, March 7, 2020

The original poster also noted that the self-destructive woman “never let go of her cigarette.”

One commenter on the post said: “I love that he just walked off haha she deserved everything she got!”

Another joked: “Did anyone else see how many orbs were inside that building. That building has some severe spiritual or demonic presence. I’m even so sure that they could have caused her irrational behavior.”

While another quipped: “That’s what you call first class self service battery.”

“He will be found guilty of not preventing the incident….” wrote a fourth.

Most of the comments sided with the man who coolly dealt with the incident, which spiraled out of control without his interference.

Many commenters remarked at the ironically titled “Battery” story on the side of the window, poking fun at the faked crime the women wished to pin on her significant other.