VIDEO: Woman Licks Airplane Toilet Seat for Coronavirus Clout


An unsettling TikTok video has done the rounds on social media as a woman licks the toilet seat of an airplane in a video titled “Coronavirus Challenge.”

In a tweet captioned, “Y’all participating in the new Corona Challenge? This is on a plane btw…” the TikTok user @avalouiise makes her short performance.

Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of commenters underneath the tweet expressed their disgust at the video–in spite of speculations as to whether the seat had been previously sanitized.

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One commenter said: “Whether sterilized it prior to licking or not – she’ll remain in the @DarwinAwards nominees list.

“Sadly in this particular instance, it’s more likely the Elder passenger in her row that will suffer the fate of her stupidity.

“Soldiers died in WWII to ensure Liberty to “Clout”.”

Many other tweeters posted gifs and memes to emphasize their disapproval at the clout-chasing action.

YouTuber, Undoomed, quote tweeted the stomach-churning clip, writing: “when the need for clout outweighs even basic survival instincts you know you’re too dumb to live.”

“Evolution failed to extinguish that abomination,” a social media user commented.

“The Darwin Awards are no longer gender exclusive! Well… they never truly were,” said another.

A third wrote: “It’s nice to see people like her taking themselves out of the gene pool.”

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Last year, a woman, in a similar clout-chasing video, licked a toilet bowl on a plane, drawing equal disgust for her actions.

The self-debasing video reportedly made her tongue go numb.

Avalouiise has a large social media following on Instagram, amassing an impressive 150k followers.