VIDEO: Women’s Marchers Physically Remove Owen Shroyer For Asking About Jeffrey Epstein


Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer was physically removed from the crowd when he began asking about the death and sex trafficking rings of deceased billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Shroyer traveled to Washington, D.C. to cover the Women’s March, pro-gun rally in nearby Virginia, and upcoming Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, and was physically removed from the Women’s March after using his bullhorn to ask questions about Jeffrey Epstein.

Having reached the front of the relatively small Women’s March, now in its third year, Shroyer joked “Let’s get the front here.”

“I’m leading the women’s march.”

Standing in front of an array of women holding signs and banners reading “Trump is a traitor,” and “Rise up,” Shroyer began to ask about Epstein, prompting an almost immediate silence from the crowd.

“Who killed Jeffrey Epstein,” asked Shroyer. “Why does mainstream news cover up sex slaves?”

At this point several individuals, who Shroyer identifies as the leaders of the Women’s March, begin to approach him and attempt to physically remove him.

Still, Shroyer continued.

“Why are you ignoring sex slavery by Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton?”

At this point, apparently understanding that Shroyer is not simply anti-Trump but instead asking questions about women who are victims of a massive sex trafficking ring, the crowd begins booing Shroyer loudly.

As Shroyer continued to ask why the crowd ignores President Bill Clinton’s role in Epstein’s sex trafficking, several large women and men surround Shroyer, and physically move him away from the crowd.

“That’s what it is,” said Shroyer. “They don’t want to address Jeffrey Epstein.”

“They don’t want to address Jeffrey Epstein, and they’re kicking me out because I’m raising the awareness of Epstein,” Shroyer said as he was removed from the crowd.

“I’m raising awareness for sex trafficking victims, why are you kicking me out?”

At this point, the Women’s March leaders began physically grabbing Shroyer and attempting to vault him away from the crowd, prompting Shroyer to defend himself by hurling the petite man pushing him away from his person.

“So that’s what you get when you raise awareness for sex trafficking victims,” said Shroyer.

He concluded, “You guys don’t care about women, you don’t give a damn about women.”

“All you have is hate.”