VIDEO: Young Children Chant ‘F*** Donald Trump’ at Women’s March, Encouraged by Parents


During a recent Women’s March in Los Angeles, over the weekend, which attracted all sorts of diverse individuals, a group of children was spotted chanting “f*** Donald Trump.”

The short clip shows a small group of children yelling an Anti-Trump message–something which their schools might not have taught them.

Although the clip is only a few seconds long, the sitting children holding placards make their presence known.

National File reached out to eyewitness, Josh Lekach, who said: “Every one there thought it was funny; everyone there encouraged it.”

Lekach went onto say: “When the kids stopped chanting, the adults with them would encourage them to continue.”

Other pictures from the Women’s March showcase an eclectic mix of demands and political positions, united under the banner of women’s rights.

Reproductive rights, veganism, and anti-capitalism all made an appearance.

The Women’s March in Richmond, Virginia, saw Alex Jones jokingly repudiate his prior positions and befriend some of the demonstrators.

National File reported:

Donning a pink “pussy hat” and a signature t-shirt, Jones began chanting “Down With Trump,” accompanied by his bullhorn, fist raised to the air, as he walked down the street.

Seeing a group of women protesting the president nearby, Jones approached them, still filming, and began encouraging them to join him in chanting “Down With Trump!”

The group of at least four women happily obliged, and began chanting “Down With Trump” with Jones, even with his security standing only inches away.

Jones, when answering a question in another clip, informed the interviewer that he was “a non-binary” and that he identified as a “goldfish.”

Infowars reporter, Owen Shroyer, was physically removed from the D.C. Women’s March for asking about Jeffrey Epstein.

This, of course, isn’t the first time children have been used as pawns to promote a profane anti-Trump message.

Cussing and swearing has been employed to drive home anti-Trump positions, but often blow up in the face of those behind the message, drawing negative attention from parents and political fence-sitters.