VIDEOS: China Now Uses Robots to Transport Medical Supplies, Food Due to Coronavirus Quarantine


Chinese state media has published several videos and photos of robots being used to deliver medical supplies, food, and to disinfect city streets struck with coronavirus.

While China’s state media attempts to portray the country’s reaction to coronavirus positively, some of the videos are more cause for alarm than calm.

On February 11, China released a video of an unmanned vehicle driving through empty city streets to deliver medical supplies.

People’s Daily, a state run newspaper commissioned by the Communist Party, tweeted “Unmanned technology brings its talent into the battle against #2019nCoV. In central China’s Wuhan, autonomous vehicles delivered medical supplies.”

The video reveals that the automated delivery vehicles are transporting emergency supplies to markets in the quarantined city.

Also on February 11, a photo was uploaded to the People’s Daily Twitter account showing another automated vehicle being used to disinfect the streets of Wuhan, China.

“Chinese researchers have developed a remotely operated robotic sprayer to reduce the transmission of the #COVID19 in heavily populated urban areas,” wrote People’s Daily on Twitter. “With a modified agricultural sprayer, the robot can move as fast as 7km/h and disinfect an area of 40,000 m2.”

National File previously reported on long lines of what appear to be fire trucks and cannons firing disinfecting spray into the streets of Wuhan.

This robot appears to exist for a similar purpose, but does not require human operation.

Another video shows a robot delivering food and medical supplies in a hospital.

“How can robots help in the fight against #nCoV2019? They can deliver food, medicine, and provide treatment for patients,” reads the caption to the video.

China officially recognizes just over 40,000 infections, and just over 1,000 deaths in mainland China. It has been widely speculated that the actual number of infections and deaths could be much higher amid the outbreak.