VIDEOS: Store Owners Beaten Up By Looters for Protecting Businesses


As hundreds of millions of dollars of damage is bound to be racked up following the George Floyd riots, giving rise to widespread carnage and even murders, images of store owners suffering severe beatings at the hands of rioters and disappointed looters have gone viral–going as far as U.S. President Donald Trump tweeting about one particular incident.

The first video, from Columbia, South Carolina, has a white general manager of a restaurant get knocked out and stomped for calling the police on rioters trashing his workplace.

Trump came out and tweeted “can’t let this happen!” when a commenter told people to “vote blue” if they liked the images.

In another clip, reportedly from Texas, a white store owner was “lynched” by a group of multiple rioters who pile on to deliver blows after he asked what was happening. The cowardly mob dealt several strikes following a sucker punch from somebody running into the original square-off that caught the man off guard.

One commenter wrote: “The only mistake this man made was presuming he could appeal to the goodness and humanity in others. That, and not going armed. I now understand and respect the 2nd Amendment.”

“Those who speak in support of or try to morally justify looting and arson – watch out, they wouldn’t have a problem doing it to you,” wrote another.

And finally, in Rochester, New York, an elderly couple were beaten with two-by-fours from attempting to dissuade rioters from looting their store.

As reported by National File:

The footage begins in a confrontation between two white store owners and a group of rioters armed with two-by-fours.

As the rioters and would-be looters appear to move along, one of the turns around and deals a blow to one of the store owners.

The rioters then begin to brutally dish out blows with the two-by-fours to the outnumbered couple trying to protect their business.

At the end of the clip, the beaten man screams at the cowardly rioters commanding them to “get away” from his wife.

The full extent of the violence is still yet to be revealed.