VIDEOS: Top 3 Bloopers From George Floyd Riots, So Far


Although the images coming out of America from this week’s disturbances has painted a bleak picture: much destruction, burning, and bruising, with the tragic loss of life in some areas; parts of the shenanigans caused by rioters have backfired.

In no particular order, here are three videos where rioters have either “owned” themselves or fellow rioters.

1) Accidental Discharge

A man in Fayetteville, North Carolina, attempted to burn down a building by throwing a lighted Molotov cocktail–backfiring tremendously.

As he attempted to pick up the makeshift petrol bomb, fiery accelerant leaked from the container and landing on his back, causing him to catch fire immediately.

In his desperation, he ran down a flight of stairs to put the flames out and several fellow protesters came to his aid.

One tweeter commented: “Usually the wheels of justice are slow. But wow! This was instant.”

While another wrote: “When you play with fire, you are bound to get burned…”

2) Shattered Dreams

In another instant, this time, reportedly in Chicago, a looter attempts to break down a store window until it unexpectedly breaks from the top, falling on his head.

The injured man gingerly makes his way to a bus shelter to tend to his wounds, missing out on the opportunity to loot as several people pour into the store.

Viewers joked at the footage, with one person suggesting that the looter should sue the store for his injuries.

One person dryly wrote: “The downside to shatterproof shopfront glass; It prevents criminals from being slashed when they make a miscalculation.”

“A real pane in the neck rioting can be,” joked a second tweeter.

3) Friendly (Dumpster) Fire

Rioters attempt to smash through a barrier by rolling a dumpster at great speed. This foolproof plan failed as an unsuspecting man wandered in front of the dumpster and got slammed into the barrier head first.

The fallen man looked dazed as one of the other protesters came to his rescue before the footage cut off.

More images continue to appear on social media following last night’s events.