VIDEOS: Violence Erupts As Antifa Beat Protesters At Wi Spa, Where Trans Woman Allegedly Showed Penis To Minors


Violence has repeatedly erupted at dueling protests held in Los Angeles, California at the location of Wi Spa, where the company defended a transgender woman allegedly flashing a biologically male penis at women and young girls. Leftists and Antifa have repeatedly accused those who think it is morally wrong to flash one’s genitals of being transphobic, and today, have repeatedly attacked those protesting peacefully.

Newsmax TV correspondent James Klug recorded several videos of fights breaking out, generally provoked by Antifa members and other leftist protesters. Klug noted that there was a large police presence at the dueling protests, but very few arrests were made. “More fights breaking out in the middle of the street. I have seen 1 arrest made so far,” wrote Klug in one tweet. Klug was later attacked by Antifa members, resulting in his phone malfunctioning. Klug says he was also attacked as he entered the area.

In one video, individuals flying an Antifa banner “punch a man, then chase & assault a videographer at the Wi Spa protest in Los Angeles,” wrote Antifa expert Andy Ngo on Twitter. Another video shows that “Antifa started a fire on the street at their riot in Los Angeles to counter a group of people who protested the Wi Spa,” wrote Ngo, “a business where a person allegedly exposed their genitals to women & girls. Antifa called the protesters transphobes as they beat them.”

More videos appear to show random acts of violence, with Antifa members repeatedly accusing others of transphobia and threatening them with physical violence for opposing biological men showing their penis to women and young girls. At one point, a street preacher was attacked.