Viral Video Appears To Show Homeless NYC Man Defecating In Janitor’s Bucket


A new viral video has emerged online appearing to show a homeless man defecating in a janitor’s bucket in New York City. The authenticity of the video has not been confirmed, as it may be a skit posted by comedian Michael Rapaport.

A video appearing to show a homeless man in New York City defecating in a janitor’s bucket has gone viral online. The authenticity of the video has been unconfirmed, as it was originally shared by Michael Rapaport, the podcast comedian who lost a defamation lawsuit against Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy.


Rapaport captioned the video “Man Drops a Deuce in NYC Transit Workers Bucket. Land of the Free Home of the Brave” however, it may be a skit.

Rapaport had previously filed a defamation lawsuit over the photoshopped clown T-shirt that Barstool Sports had been selling following the comedians departure from the network.

The judge specifically honed in on Rapaport’s complaint that a red blemish placed on his face—just below a clown nose—insinuated that he was infected with herpes. But the judge disagreed, saying that a “reasonable audience” would not tie the image featuring his face to accusations that he had the STD.

Rapaport and Portnoy engaged in a series of petty arguments on social media in the months after Rapaport separated from the network, with the actor releasing an image that showed himself having sex with Portnoy. The defamation lawsuit noted that Barstool Sports described him as a “racist,” and a “D-list actor,” but the judge labeled those insults “nothing more than subjective evaluations.”

Rapaport has been widely mocked for crying on air following the dispute with Portnoy.

If the video is authentic and in fact not a skit, it would certainly speak to the conditions of New York City, ran by Mayor and leftist Bill de Blasio. The city has come under fire in recent days over the integrity of their elections for the Mayoral race. The NYC board of elections accidentally included about 135,000 “test” ballots in their tally, raising questions about the security of ranked-choice voting and election integrity in the US.