Virginia: Democrat LGBT Group To Pay For Gender-Confused Children To ‘Rehome’ Against Parents’ Wishes


Last Updated on October 5, 2022

A far-Left LGBT lobby group is making plans to help young children “rehome” under the care of LGBT activists if the gender-confused teens want to run away from their parents.

The Pride Liberation Project, based in Virginia, wants to put angsty, gender-confused teenagers into the care of “queer friendly” guardians.

Leaked internal messages from the group show it intends to pay children to run away from their parents.

A college student who worked for a Virginia State Democrat legislator, Aaryan Rawal, is a prominent figure in the LGBT activist group.

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Rawal wrote a message on the group’s “#resources-for-outed-students” channel which stated:

“We’re creating this channel as a way for everyone to understand the mutual aid and support resources the PLP has available for outed and in-crisis students! For full transparency, this channel is catered to outed students who are facing familial rejection or need to leave their home for another reason”

“In the event of you needing to leave your home, we can provide you with emergency housing from a supportive, Queer friendly adult,” Rawal continued.

“We may not be able to provide you that housing the same night, but we anticipate that we can secure someone to take you in within 1-2 days, and we will work with other supportive adult organizations in the region to find you someone who can provide you a kind and affirming home,” he added.

The Pride Liberation Project also said it “can pay for Ubers, Lyfts, and other passes if you need to leave immediately. Some students or adults may also be able to come get you individually.”

“In the short term, we can provide a couple of hundred dollars immediately. We can send this to you through Venmo or Zelle. Please note that it’ll say the money comes from the PLP account, but we may be able to change the name if needed.”

The group’s Democrat ties are clear, with Rawal noting the group can fundraise on the party’s main fundraising platform, ActBlue.

“We can also set up a dedicated ActBlue fundraising page for you and get allies to donate. In the past, this has led to thousands of dollars in donations. All of this money is yours.”

Rawal explains how the group wants to help gender-confused teens hide their interactions with the Pride Liberation Project in a section of messages titled “covers/alibi.”

“If you attend an event or protest, we can work with you to craft a valid, non-Queer reason for you to have been there. Sometimes this may be a bit challenging, but we can use official sounding non-Queer related email addresses, email addresses from prestigious universities, and other resources,” Rawal wrote.

The head of the Virginia Project, a social conservative group that has pushed back against LGBT indoctrination in the state, raised concerns that the Pride Liberation Project’s shady work could lead to grooming.

“It is irresponsible and reckless to the extreme to be doing this with other people’s kids. The way this operation works is nearly identical to sex trafficking,” David Gordon, the group’s founder told the Daily Wire.

“This could never be underwritten by any insurer. The chance of one of these kids ending up being sexually abused is almost certain,” Gordon added.

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