Virginia Democrat Louise Lucas, NAACP Leadership Charged With Felonies For Organizing BLM Attack on Confederate Monument


Authorities in Portsmouth, Virginia announced the issuance of felony charges against several individuals, including Democrat State Senator Louise Lucas and multiple members of the NAACP, in connection with a June 10th Black Lives Matter mob attack on a monument dedicated to the city’s Confederate dead.

A “comprehensive investigation” determined that “several individuals conspired and organized to destroy the monument, as well as summonsed hundreds of people to join in the felonious acts which not only resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to the monument but also permanent injury to and individual,” Portsmouth Police Chief Debby Brewer told reporters as she announced the charges.

Senator Lucas, who was on scene and used what she claimed were the powers of her elected office to order police officers to stand down and allow a Black Lives Matter mob to destroy the monument has been charged with 2 felonies – Conspiracy to Commit a Felony and Felony Injury to a Monument in Excess of $1,000. In addition to Lucas, 7 other individuals are facing identical charges, including Portsmouth NAACP President James Boyd, NAACP members Louie Gibbs and Lakesha Hicks, and School Board member LaKeesha Atkinson.

Authorities also announced that a total of 6 individuals have been charged with a single felony – Injury to a Monument in Excess of $1,000. Among them are 3 public defenders, Brenda Spry, Alexandra Stephens, and Meredith Cramer.

As previously reported by National File, Lucas played a pivotal role in the monument’s destruction, which led to the devastating injury of Chris Greene, who was left in critical condition after a portion of the monument toppled on to his head.

Democrat Virginia State Senator Louise Lucas was caught on camera ordering Portsmouth City police officers to stand down and allow Black Lives Matter demonstrators to deface and partially destroy a Confederate monument standing in the city, an effort that directly led to a portion of the statue toppling onto a man’s head, leaving him in critical condition.

Shielding her face from view in Antifa style garb, Senator Lucas, who was on the scene, instructed the crowd forming around her to “call the press” before insisting that because the statue stands on city property, police officers – who are employed by the city in part to protect city property – are not permitted to intervene.

“This is city property! I’m Louise Lucas! They cannot arrest them because the city owns this property, they been paying for that! Come July 1 they can take it down anyway. These police officers cannot arrest them for standing on city property, so I’m gonna stand right here and see what’s gonna happen.”

“Go ahead wreck it!” Senator Lucas then instructed the crowd.