VIRGINIA: Glenn Youngkin Says He ‘Absolutely’ Would Have Certified ‘Legitimate’ 2020 Election


The GOP nominee for Governor of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin, says he “absolutely” would have voted to certify contested 2020 election results were he a member of Congress on January 6th, claiming that he’s said all along that Joe Biden was “legitimately” elected President. Youngkin’s remarks come following a warning from 45th President Trump, who told him to “embrace the MAGA movement” or risk losing the Governor’s race to far-left Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

Speaking with local news outlet WTKR-TV out of Norfolk, Virginia, Glenn Youngkin emphatically stated that had he been a member of Congress on January 6th, he would have voted to confirm the reported 2020 election results, making Joe Biden President of the United States, despite credible reports of widespread allegations and evidence of election fraud and irregularities, including in his home state of Virginia.

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Youngkin’s statement comes after he and his campaign refused to provide a clear answer on the matter to several publications, leading his Democrat opponents to launch a public pressure campaign on the issue, which he appeared to cave to rapidly, though he now claims that he has said all along that Joe Biden was legitimately elected.

“Yeah, absolutely I would have,” Youngkin told a reporter with WTKR when asked whether or not he would have certified the reported results. “It’s a silly thing, I mean I’ve said all along that Joe Biden was legitimately elected our President,” Youngkin continued, going on to compare the issue to opponent Terry McAuliffe’s involvement in challenging the 2000 election of George W. Bush.

“My opponent has never said that George W. Bush was legitimately elected President. In fact, he said that election was stolen. I’ve consistently said it, I’ve said it from the beginning, and on top of that, of course, I would have signed it!”

As recently reported by National File, President Trump issued a warning to Glenn Youngkin during a radio show appearance in which he told the candidate to “embrace the MAGA movement” or risk losing the 2021 Governor’s race. Youngkin has been criticized by grassroots conservatives for his support of monument destruction and lack of principled stands on issues like abortion, immigration, the 2nd Amendment, and election integrity.

“The only guys that win are the guys that embrace the MAGA movement,” President Trump warned.

Following Trump’s warning, National File reached out to the Youngkin campaign, with spokesman Matthew Wolking twice refusing to state whether or not Glenn Youngkin believes the 2020 election to have been legitimate, instead replying in video form, with links to Terry McAuliffe attack ads attempting to tie Youngkin to President Trump.