VIRGINIA: Government Demands Construction Workers Remove American Flag, Call it ‘Safety Issue,’ ‘Target’ for Rioters


Officials from the Virginia Department of General Services ordered a massive American flag removed from the Richmond construction site of a new office building for state legislators, claiming the flag presented a “safety issue” as it could become a “target” for the riotous Black Lives Matter and Antifa-linked mobs who have been left to run roughshod over the city for more than a full month.

“This is the flag that our company made out of tarps we use on buildings. We thought it would be a good idea to hang it, which we did this morning at the new General Assembly job,” Eric Winston, a contractor working on the construction site, wrote in a Thursday afternoon Facebook post.

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“The GC (general contractor) got a call and we now have to remove it,” Winston continued. “It seems the ‘State’ deems it a target this weekend for protestors. Since when is this flag, on this weekend, IN THIS COUNTRY, a target!! Let me guess, if I had a black lives matter flag it would be ‘ok’!?”

I usually don’t do this and sorry ahead of time Mom but the straw just broke the camels back! This is the flag that our…

Posted by Eric Winston on Thursday, July 2, 2020

In a statement regarding the flag’s removal, Dena Potter, spokeswoman for the Department of General Services, confirmed that the state agency had sided with a riotous anti-American mob over the flag of their own country.

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“Over the past month we’ve seen buildings and structures around Capitol Square vandalized and flags, dumpsters, a bus and other items set ablaze during demonstrations around the city,” Potter wrote in the statement issued via email. “When we saw the flag, we were concerned that it could become a target so we told the contractor to remove it.”