Virginia House Candidate Calls for Ralph Northam’s Arrest Following Cuomo-Like Nursing Home Revelations


Jarome Bell, a candidate for U.S. House running in Virginia, has publicly called for the arrest of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, the Democrat who made national headlines for his remarks related to post-birth abortions and for his admission of wearing either Ku Klux Klan robes or blackface in his medical school yearbook.

Northam, like Cuomo, needs to resign, be arrested, and face murder charges,” said Bell, sharing an article about Northam’s nursing home scandal. “I said this was happening months ago.”

Virginia Rising Action, a right wing watchdog organization that reports on leftist politicians and groups, explains that “Governor Ralph Northam is joining the ranks of Governors Andrew Cuomo and Gretchen Whitmer as he faces his own nursing home scandal.”

The organization then links to a report by the AARP, which reveals that Virginia unfortunately boasts the second highest COVID-19 nursing home death rate in the country, well ahead of New York and Michigan. While COVID-19 has proven to be an extremely survivable virus, the elderly are the most likely to suffer severe and fatal health complications.

With this knowledge, governors from virtually every Democrat state made it official policy to put otherwise healthy young people in the same nursing home facilities – sometimes in the same room – as elderly patients.

Virginia Rising Action reveals that Northam “refused to release critical data” regarding nursing home COVID-19 fatalities, and adds, “It was later revealed that the Northam administration had tested twice as many prisoners than nursing home patients, who accounted for 60 percent of all COVID-19 deaths in the Commonwealth at the time.”

Bell, a 27-year Navy veteran considered an insurgent but largely successful candidate in 2020, has pledged to push back against the establishment wing of the Republican Party and fight for election integrity if elected in 2022.