VIRGINIA: House Candidate Kiggans Abstained From Vote to Block Counties From Discriminating Against Non-Vaxxed Employees


Virginia State Senator and 2022 candidate for Congress, Jen Kiggans abstained from a vote which would’ve blocked Virginia counties from forcing employees to accept the experimental COVID-19 shot, a move critics say puts the health and safety of working Virginians in jeopardy.

Senate Bill 1449, introduced by Senator Amanda Chase, would have barred Virginia municipalities from firing employees who refused the COVID-19 jab by prohibiting “discrimination based on a person’s vaccination status with respect to any COVID-19 vaccine in numerous employment contexts.”

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Despite touting her experience as a Nurse Practitioner on the campaign trail, Kiggans, a candidate for the Republican nomination to Congress in Virginia’s 2nd District, was the only member of the General Laws and Technology Committee not to vote on the bill. As Kiggans abstained, a majority group of Democrats and establishment Republicans moved to kill the discrimination protections, leaving Virginia’s local government employees defenseless against mandates requiring the experimental vaccine.

As previously reported by National File, pro-vaccine mandate local officials are already turning up the heat on non-vaccinated employees, with the Chesterfield County Commissioner of Revenue drafting a highly politicized letter threatening the jobs of those who refuse the jab – something SB 1449 would have made illegal.

A Virginia tax enforcer is threatening to fire county employees who refuse to be injected with the experimental COVID-19 vaccination shot and has already issued a notice of “corrective action” to at least one non-vaccinated individual employed by Chesterfield County’s local revenue department.

“You have been placed on corrective action for your failure to get one of the three FDA approved COVID19 vaccines,” the letter, from the office of Chesterfield County Commissioner of Revenue Jenefer Hughes reads. “You have also not submitted an application for accommodation under the Americans for [sic] Disabilities Act, nor for other medical or religious accommodations,” the letter continued, before laying out the vaccine “requirements” apparently decreed by Hughes.

Kiggans’ primary race opponent, Jarome Bell, has been outspoken against vaccine mandates and recently called for a full investigation into Ralph Baric, the so-called coronavirus hunter behind gain of function research at the University of North Carolina.

”It’s a travesty that healthy people have to choose between their God given inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and their jobs and way of life,” Bell told National File employer mandated vaccinations, going to compare the vaccine mandates to the tyrannical eugenics programs operated under Adolf Hitler and Germany’s Nazi Party prior to and during World War 2.

“As free people we have the choice to decide if we want to inject our bodies with experimental drugs,” said Bell. “If we choose not to, our lives shouldn’t change nor should we be subjected the Nazi-style treatment of being marked.” 

As for Kiggans’ abstention from the vote on SB 1449, Bell says it goes to show that her values are out of line with the 2nd District’s pro-liberty constituents and that COVID vaccine mandates fly directly in the face of America’s founding principles.

“Our government was not designed to operate in such a manner,” Bell said of the mandates.

“We cannot allow a person with those values or principles to represent the people of the 2nd District of Virginia or anywhere else in America. Our very way of life, the lives of our children, and grandchildren are at stake and I promise you I would never lead us down that road to destruction of who we are as free people.”