VIRGINIA: Jefferson Davis Statue Destroyed by BLM Rioters Now Displayed as Left-Wing Art


Last Updated on June 25, 2022

The statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis that towered over Richmond, Virginia’s Monument Avenue for more than a century before it was destroyed by BLM and Antifa rioters is now being displayed as left-wing art in a Richmond museum. 

Erected in 1907, Richmond’s historic statue of Jefferson Davis was destroyed in 2020 by the Black Lives Matter rioters who besieged the city; burning businesses, museums, and homes, even killing a little girl in the name of left-wing racial justice. Along with other statues and artifacts, what remains of the monument to Jefferson Davis was given by Democrat officials to the far-left Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia, to be shown off as a trophy in the left’s war on White America. 

The statue is now on loan to The Valentine, a Richmond art museum named for its first president, Edward Virginius Valentine – a native Virginian and Southern patriot who sculpted the very statue of Davis that now lies in the museum destroyed. While there, the statue of Davis is being displayed in its “2020 form” to help “create a safe space,” says Valentine director Bill Martin. 

It is doused in red and pink paint and the likeness of the former Confederate President’s face is painted black, with the top of his head bashed in. Pieces of tissue paper, that rioters had fashioned into a mock noose, wrap around the neck, and Davis’ statue lies horizontally, in the position it fell when authorities stood down and allowed the murderous left-wing mob to lay siege to Monument Avenue. 

The plight of the Davis statue and others like it show a far different reality than the one Americans were offered in exchange for turning their backs on their history. Several efforts to restore Confederate statues and monuments to their former glory before displaying them in “context” on battlefields and museums have been rejected by the Democrat governments that took control of the statues after they fell, in favor of the more Soviet-style displays. 

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