VIRGINIA: NBC Reporter Fails to Recognize Pledge of Allegiance, Calls it ‘Chants of We Will Not Comply’


An NBC reporter tweeting on the controversial gun rally taking place in Virginia reported on chants of ‘I will not comply,’ but posted a video of a small group reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, which caused a small backlash, prompting social media users to correct the correspondent’s initial tweet.

New York based NBC reporter Gabe Gutierrez’s tweet drew negative attention when he wrote: “Chants of “we will not comply” from gun rights protesters in Richmond.”

The tweet, in fact, contained a crowd of Gadsden flag-waving attendees chanting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Following the tweet, many tweeters took to the comments to correct the reporter.

YouTuber, Styxhexenhammer, who has previously railed against the mainstream media, said the following at the tweet: “Is there literally no boundary anymore for corporate sellouts like you? No standard at all in your mediocre reporting? To the point where you post things that are objectively contrary even to your own clips and images, without apparent reason?”

Others quote-tweeted the mistake.

Gutierrez quickly issued a correction, as some believed the reporter to have uploaded the incorrect file, by tweeting, “Earlier posted video of Pledge of Allegiance. For those who’ve asked, here’s the video of ‘We will not comply,’ Taken seconds apart.”

The correction, however, wasn’t well received by social media users.

It should also be noted that it seems the “We will not comply” chant was much shorter, and chanted by a smaller number of attendees.

Some maintained their allegiance to the flag and will to refuse to comply.

Another pointed out a double standard, by tweeting “imagine championing ‘Resist’ for 3 years and taking issue with ‘we will not comply’”

On the reporter’s initial tweet, conservative author and commentator, Pete D’Abrosca, told National File:

“NBC has a clear agenda for today’s rally: to baselessly impugn supporters of the Second Amendment as violent radicals, when in fact they’re legally and patriotically exercising their First and Second Amendment rights. Look no further than NBC ‘reporter’ Ben Collins’ now-deleted Tweet from Sunday night for proof. He described Monday’s events in Richmond as a ‘white nationalist rally’ before the event even began. As usual, the media are acting criminally in their blatant mischaracterizations of ordinary Americans.”

Another NBC reporter deleted a tweet advising his fellow journalists to take caution and to report factually to avoid helping the “neo-Nazi” cause.