Virginia Pro-Gun Rally Photos: .50BMG to LGBT to ‘Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself’


The Richmond, Virginia, pro-gun rally–which was branded as a potential re-run of the fatal Charlottesville rally–has attracted an eclectic group of attendees, ranging from LGBT activists, patriots, and mememakers.

One of the most captivating posts so far was of a pick up truck carrying the popular meme “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” which dominated much of social media in the final months of 2019.

Although the instantly iconic meme has fallen out of fashion, this particular attendee felt it necessary to remind the public of the controversial billionaire accused of child sex trafficking, implicating dozens of global elites.

Another picture, posted by Virginia Mercury, displayed a man proudly clutching onto his impressive .50BMG rifle as the article’s thumbnail.

Other photos showcase a less likely pro-gun ally from the LGBT community.

An anonymous Twitter user made a joke about mainstream conservative organization, TPUSA.

The scenes emerging from Richmond also led pundits to make alarmist statements over the attendees.

However, some photos posted on social media, in some instances, lacked authenticity. Some photos allegedly belonging to today’s rally were in fact taken at other events, in spite of their humorous nature.

The rally also packed a feminist message in the placard, “the great equalizer,” referring to guns leveling the playing field for women up against a bigger male aggressor.

Other placards contained messages relating to gun ownership and women’s rights.

Local cops also showed their support to the Second Amendment.

The rally wasn’t just politically diverse.

Even the Hong Kong flag flew in Virginia, symbolizing their struggle against China’s regime.

And finally, the event drew people from all sides of the spectrum.