Virginia: Public School Library Book Describes Oral Sex to Kids


A book that describes oral sex while featuring hundreds of sexually-charged and profane phrases is being made available to kids in Chesterfield County, Virginia through multiple school libraries, becoming just the latest flashpoint in the school district that sent a five-year-old child home with a copy of “I’m Not A Girl,” a pro-trans picture book.

“Me and Earl and the Dying Girl” is on the shelves of at least three Chesterfield County school libraries, available to kids at Bailey Bridge Middle School, Elizabeth Davis Middle School, and Robious Middle School.

One of the 10 most challenged books in America in the year 2021, it features graphic sexual content and profane language throughout, even offering descriptions of “eating p*ssy” and “buttholes.”

For years, parents and others have slammed the book not just for being profane, but for objectifying women and young girls.

“Papa Gaines never sat you down, said, Son, one day you’re gonna have to eat the p*ssy,” one passage in the book reads. “No. But he did teach me how to eat a butthole.”

“I’m talkin’ bout p*ssy,” the same explicit passage goes on. “I got a little honey mustard over here, a little Heinz 57, and a whole lotta p*ssy.”

At another point in the book, readers learn of “The Greg S. Gaines Three-Step Method of Seduction.”

Step 1, the book reads, “lurch into the girl’s bedroom pretending to be a zombie.”

Step 2, “go in for a fist pound.”

Step 3, “suggest that you habitually masturbate all over pillows.”

Despite the above examples, which only scratch the surface of the book’s explicit contents, under Chesterfield County school policy, no parental consent is required to check the book out. This is despite the book’s “Young Adult” classification and the PG 13 rating of a movie the book inspired.

At the November 8th meeting of the Chesterfield County School Board, parents are expected to make their concerns about the book publicly known, and demand action from their district officials to clean up their school libraries. Virginians for Children First, a grassroots, parent-run activist group, is using the internet and public spaces to draw attention to the disturbing issue and make a change.

While the eyes of Virginia and the nation have been on Loudoun County, parents in Chesterfield say that their local school district is under siege by the radical left. In addition to pushing sexually-explicit library books, the district has embraced critical race theory and social-emotional learning.

As National File recently reported, parents have very limited options with regard to protecting their kids’ innocence in the suburban Richmond school district.

In another instance, at Chesterfield County’s Moseley Elementary School, a five-year-old kindergarten student was sent home with a copy of “I’m Not A Girl,” a pro-trans picture book.

“If parents wish to stop their children from obtaining such books,” National File reported at the time, “then they must write the school a letter, expressly banning their kid from doing so.” Otherwise, they’re given blanket permission to check out sexually-explicit books from the school library.

Exclusive: 5-Year-Old Sent Home From Kindergarten With Pro-Trans ‘I’m Not A Girl’ Book

Parents in neighboring North Carolina are fighting a similar fight against the peddling of sexually-explicit materials in their kids’ schools.

As reported by National File, a concerned mom publicly exposed the perverted contents of “This Book is Gay” at a Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board meeting. The book, which includes detailed sexual instructions, was part of a reading list for 7th-grade middle school students.

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