Virginia Tech Diversity Director Gets SIX MONTHS Jail for 11 Counts of Child Pornography


Matthew Yunho Chan, a former administrator at Virginia Tech, received an 11 year sentence, to be suspended after 6 months, for 11 counts of possession of child pornography.

Chan was Virginia Tech’s Associate Director of Diversity Initiatives and Sustainable Nanotechnology, and was charged with 22 felony counts of possession of child pornography in June of this year.

In a summation of evidence, Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Sam Norman said that on February 5th, a computer technician at the school was investigating Chan’s laptop, after he had learned that there was no storage left on the device.

The technician emptied the recycle bin, then stumbled across a folder on the desktop that was full of pornography.

Chan’s supervisor questioned him about the technician’s findings; he proceeded rapidly closed tabs and programs that were open on his screen and pressed the power switch to force it to turn off.

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Officials removed the laptop, and presented it first to campus police, and then the Christiansburg PD. Investigator Maureen McClanahan, the local expert on investigating child pornography cases, found that 22 of the images in the folder matched those on a national database of known sexual images of minors.

In a plea deal, 11 of the 22 counts were dropped, and Chan received a sentence of 1 year for each of the counts he was found guilty.

However, Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Robert Turk found it fit to allow him to only serve 6 months behind bars, and spend the other 10 years on probation.

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Probation conditions include no contact with minors, abstention from drugs and alcohol, and to undergo a “psychosexual evaluation.”

Officials from Virginia Tech confirmed in June that Chan no longer worked for the university.